A few very full days in Yangon

I wish I had longer to spend in Yangon.  I only had a week in Myanmar to explore, of that I spent 2.5 days in Yangon and it wasn’t enough.  So what does any sane person do when they don’t have enough time and there is too much food to try.  Of course they have two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners every day.  As well as a bunch of snacks in between.

The intention of having two meals at every meal wasn’t my plan. But I kept stumbling  across food I’d never tried before and the fear of missing out on something delicious was just too great.


Delicious street food.

How could you walk past this stall and not stop and ask for a bowl?  I had no idea what I was ordering and I couldn’t finish.  But all the smiling facings of people passing by encouraged me to keep on going.


One thing I loved about street food stalls in Yangon was how they all seemed to have these tiny chairs made for children.  They were a tad awkward to sit in but gave an interesting perspective while watching people walk by.




Some delicious Shan Noodles!

As I wandered around the streets of Yangon dodging giant holes in the footpath as  I went I came across this cute little noodle shop.  It was my first experience of Shan noodles and they were delicious.  I think the photo above says it all…  I was very happy.



Amazing salads!

Close to where I was staying was this restaurant/gallery that provides opportunities to young people and supports local artists.  The restaurant was a lovely respite from the heat and it served delicious salads.


I hope that one day I’ll get to go back and take my husband and son with me and spend some more time exploring the delicious food Yangon has to offer.

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