Life Update

Its been a while since we posted anything to this site and there is a good reason…  we’ve expanded our family.  We now have an almost 8 month old little boy  (affectionately known as Mr Monkey).  With adjusting to life back in New Zealand, pregnancy and then welcoming this wee bundle our blog got put on the back burner.


Swing time at the Beach in Thailand.

We’ve been back in New Zealand for 2 years now.  It seems like a long time but feels like it’s gone incredibly quickly.  And for most of that time we’ve been either expecting a baby or living with one.  Now that he is a bit older we thought that we could probably keep up the blog a little more.

So the current plan is to aim for a post a week.  We’ve got some fresh insight into Thailand after a holiday with Mr Monkey in tow.   I still want to write about my solo trip to Myanmar from a couple of years ago.  And as we progress through all of this I imagine I’ll have more ideas about things I want to write about.

That’s all for now.  Til next week.

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