Whoops… those blogging errors!

Dear subscribers, you’ll probably notice a post in your inbox that wasn’t quite complete.  That is my whoopsie for the day.  I’m going to blame my phone and not my incompetence in using the the WordPress app.


You see after not writing for so long and saying I would be more regular with posts I felt the need to start writing so out came my phone.  So there I was tap tap tapping on my phone and then I remembered my mother-in-law’s experience with writing posts on her phone.  I thought it probably wasn’t a smart idea to keep going.  (Check http://www.jillscene.com for more of her comedic adventures.) But instead of saving I see myself pushing the  publish button in slow motion and I just can’t stop myself. 

You would think after that I wouldn’t be writing this long winded explanation for why I just posted a quarter of a post but here I am writing away. 

And I still don’t know where the save button is?

[Updated post on finding good cheap Thai food to come shortly.]

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