I’m back… in the land of the long white cloud!

You might have been wondering what’s happen? where did they go?   And the short answer is to New Zealand.

I’ve been wanting to write another blog post for a while but didn’t really know what to say or how to say it.  When we started this blog we had just moved to Bangkok, Thailand and we wanted to document our life there and give some helpful information about living in Thailand.  We spent two years living in Thailand and we loved it.

So why are we back in New Zealand?

It was basically a bunch of lucky coincidences.   The other half of the big mango life, got offered a job that was too hard to turn down and came at just the perfect time when we had started to weigh up our next move.  We felt that even though we loved living in Thailand and the lifestyle was great, we weren’t entirely convinced that we could make it work long-term. We may have stayed in Thailand longer if this job hadn’t come up but probably we would have moved on within a year anyway.

We’ve actually been back a while now I moved back at the end of July and my husband moved in April.  In many ways we are both still trying to find out feet in a place that was once our home, both us and the city are different now.  The Thailand saying same same but different really rings true when you return to a place after a long time away.  We have to keep reminding ourselves that it takes time to get into a new routine, connect with friends and start your life over somewhere new.

What about the blog?

This has been a question I’ve been muddling over for quite a while and I think partly why I haven’t written a post since July.  I couldn’t bring myself to write about living in Thailand when I no longer was and you didn’t know that yet.  In short I want to keep the blog going but it is only going to be able to cover life in Thailand up until I run out of stories to tell and actually I have quite a few left to tell.  What happens after I run out of Thailand stories might be a surprise for both you and me.  But I can say that it will still be about me, my life and travels and probably that it is going to be more focused on our little land of the long white cloud – Aotearoa New Zealand.

How did it feel leaving Bangkok?

I think many of the friends we made in Bangkok found it difficult to believe we were actually leaving.  We had a leaving celebration when Nic left in April, goodbye drinks when Nic came to visit in June,  I had about three leaving celebrations in July then we came back in August for a “holiday” (it feels strange calling it a holiday when I’d only been gone three weeks), where we had finally joint leaving events.   I think normal people just have one leaving party and be done with it but not us.  It was a running joke that we’d be back soon and weren’t really leaving but we finally did.  I think this way we got to feel as though we were easing ourselves out of Bangkok slowly.

When I left Bangkok in July it was sad to say goodbye.  One of the big things we realised as we were leaving was that we really had successfully established a life for ourselves in Thailand.  We had a daily routine, jobs and friends.  We were regulars at many food stalls who didn’t even need our orders.  I knew my way around the local Tesco supermarket and could tell you where certain things were located.  If we needed a certain service I knew what to do, where to pay late electricity bills, what the best food stalls were in our neighbourhood and where not to go.  It’s the little things that were challenges when we arrived that had become second nature.

View from our Bangkok apartment

View from our Bangkok apartment when we moved in (It was very different when we left.)

I was sad because Bangkok for me in my mind will always be the way it was while I lived there but I also know it will never be that way again either. It is a city that changes so fast and I wondered what changes would occur while I was gone.  It was remembering to take everything in and try to hold on to it.  I even toured around our neighbourhood in my last few days creating a mental tour of my daily life (which I’ll write a post about).  I’m glad in many ways for this blog because it means that I have those memories locked up for future reading.

Leaving also meant moving somewhere and setting ourselves up again and I wasn’t really looking forward to that.  When we left New Zealand two years before we had sold or given away most of our things. But that also meant that we could be selective and fortunately we were able to move somewhere, which give us that flexibility.

Bangkok is such a dynamic city and one I did fall in love with and I wondered where I’d get my daily dose of Thai food, the sizzling heat and the buzz and hype of being surrounded by a language I didn’t speak and thousands of people.   But living in New Zealand these are not things I’m easily going to get on a daily basis.  But New Zealand does have its perks and I’m able to do things here that I couldn’t easily do in Bangkok.  Like spending all day in the sunshine without sweating up a storm.  I’m loving that all the food is basically the same price so I can have Thai food one day, classic fish and chips the next or go Japanese the next.

Keep and eye out

Over the next few weeks I will starting writing again. I’m looking forward to writing and reminiscing on my time in Thailand and Myanmar!

If you have questions about life in Thailand or things you’d like me to write about from my time living there, please leave a comment below.

Lastly, Happy New Year from sunny NZ.


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