It’s Food Time – 7-Eleven’s Popcorn!

In celebration of the up coming opening of a new 7-eleven store in my neighbourhood, this post is about one special product you can only get at a 7-eleven.

The absence of a 7-eleven store has been one of the disappointing things about living in On Nut.  By absence I mean that to get to the nearest one I have to walk for almost 10 minutes to get to it,  that is just not convenient.   For those of you who know where I live you’ll probably laugh because you know that the Tesco supermarket is a lot closer than that, but this new 7-eleven is less than 3 minute walk and on my side of the street (so no more crossing pesky footbridges).   I’m looking forward to late night runs to the 7-eleven for the essentials (most likely another bottle of beer) – although I’ll have to wait until after the curfew is lifted.    Yes, you might be surprised to hear 7-elevens do close – but only under unique circumstances.

But let’s get back to that one special product because this wasn’t meant to be a post about my love for the new 7-eleven store, which hasn’t even opened yet.  That special product is popcorn but not just any ordinary popcorn – it’s New York  popcorn only sold at 7-eleven (well in Thailand anyway).  It is a delicious popcorn that is not only crunchy, but light and fluffy also.  It has the right balance of salty and sweet and it kind of melts in your mouth when you eat it.

On a recent expedition to the 7-eleven I found some new and interesting New York Popcorn flavours Satay and Larb.

Thai Popcorn

Some interesting Thai flavoured popcorn!

Of the two my favourite was the satay.  Surprisingly, they managed to get the smoky, satay flavour onto the popcorn.  If it didn’t have the crispy popcorn texture I could easily have thought I was eating satay.   The larb flavour on the other hand just didn’t taste like what I expected.  It definitely had a hint of spicy chilli which if you aren’t careful can get stuck in the back of your throat (like popcorn sometimes does) and the torture of the chilli keeps repeating.   I prefer my larb to be doused with lime, mint and ground sticky rice but this popcorn just didn’t bring that flavour through.   I probably shouldn’t be so disappointed but my hopes were high after trying the satay popcorn.   If I forget about the fact that it was a larb flavoured and judge it based on its taste – it was quite nice though I don’t think I’ll be buying it on a regular basis.

I’ve now made myself sufficient hungry and in the need for more popcorn so off to 7-eleven I go.  🙂

(c) 2014, Kristal

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