Bangkok is a city that glows

Gazing out my 21st floor apartment window every night is one of my favourite things to do.  Watching the lights of the city shine,  the car lights on the highway whizzing by in red and white; the city just feels like it comes to life after dark.  During the day the dust and dirt of a tropical city mixed with the heat and humidity sometimes make the city feels a bit oppressive and tiring.

Bangkok nightscape

View from our condo in On Nut

But when the sun sets (and often that sunset is beautiful) the night sky and the lights of the city just make the dust and dirt melt away.  The heat and humidity just don’t feel so oppressive anymore.  The glow of the city lights, lights the sky at night.

Sunset in On Nut

Sunset view from our On Nut Condo

Getting to see the city from a height gives a different perspective.  I enjoy watching the glow of the buildings and streets and wondering what the people inside or wandering the streets are doing.

View from Octave

View from Octave Roof Top Bar – Thonglor

From the other side of my apartment you can look down on the On Nut Night Market and when the heat rises the roof comes off and the lights go on, it makes the market look even more enticing.  The glow just makes it feel more inviting.

This post is inspired by the Travel Theme project by Where’s My Backpack.  This weeks Travel Theme is Glow.

I love taking pictures at night.  Here is a few more of the ones from around Thailand.

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© 2014, Kristal Collis

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