100 posts – 18 months in Thailand in photos!

We have now been in Thailand for almost 18 months and today with this post we reach our 100th post on this blog.  In celebration we present the 18 months in photos.

With what started out as a 6 month temporary stay in Thailand to do some volunteer work and enjoy the Thai way of life, has turned into so much more. During that time we’ve established ourselves in Bangkok, found actual jobs, made so many new friends, explored the city and it’s surroundings, eaten so much delicious Thai food and there is still so much more for us to do and explore.

Bangkok really does feel like home now, we can’t really compare our lives in Bangkok to our lives in Wellington. They feel like different extremes. Our lives in Bangkok have been so much more social and busy compared to living in Wellington, New Zealand and this year promises to continue in the same way. We still miss our friends and family back in New Zealand but we find it hard to imagine living anywhere else right now.

Looking back on our time in Thailand and all the memories captured in photos and stories, it has been an exciting 18 months. We hope to be able to continue regularly posting on this site because for us it is part of our memories, our record of our adventures and exploration. All the best to you all and thank you for following our lives in Bangkok.


© 2014, Kristal Collis

One thought on “100 posts – 18 months in Thailand in photos!

  1. We read your blogs with interest. Yes, we really understand how you have found a new life in Bangkok. It is a mother of a city with so much soul. We spent a week there and felt we only touched the very minimal surface but what we saw and experienced we loved, and the food!!! Keep safe amongst the political turmoil.
    Reg Marie and Paul

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