Handmade lollipops in Bangsaen

Imagine palm trees, lapping waves, sand between you toes and eating a whole lot of seafood, with that image you have Bang Saen Beach.  We’ve written about Bang Saen before but what we forgot to mention was the delicious hand crafted lollipops you can find there.

Located in a not so ideal place, next to the public toilets on the corner of Soi 1 and BangSaen Sai 1, across from the main beach, is a lone man with his box of candy,  the display and a chair.

He sits quietly, expertly crafting the different shaped lollipops, while children fresh off the beach walk past pulling on their parents’ hands in the hope they will get a lollipop.  

So maybe his choice of spot isn’t that unfortunate,  it is a prime spot because everyone needs to go past at some point.   I did and I couldn’t resist buying a few lollipops.  Not only did they look adorable they tasted delicious.

 © 2013, Kristal Collis

One thought on “Handmade lollipops in Bangsaen

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