Food Friday – Noodle soup

Noodle soup is everywhere in Thailand, it seems to be the go to any time snack food on the streets.  I’ve eaten noodle soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or even a late night snack after a few too many beers.

Chicken Noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup

Known in Thai as Kuay Tiew, you can get any number of different combinations. And no two vendors seem to make it the same.

It’s also a great soup for those who don’t like a lot of chilli as generally it is served without chilli (well at first anyway).  On the table will be a selection of condiments to alter your soup to your preference – condiments generally include dried chilli, sugar, fish sauce, vinegar with fresh chillis and sometimes peanuts.  If you aren’t a fan of eating a boiling hot bowl of soup then you can also get your noodles without soup – prepared the same but just without the water.  Just ask for Kuay Tiew Haeng.


Make it the way you like!

I enjoy a good bowl of noodle soup, it has now become my breakfast food of choice if we are away for the weekend.  For me it feels like just the right size to fill me up for breakfast, where as sometimes at lunch I’m still a little hungry.

Pork noodle soup

Delicious soup


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