Food Friday – Street sweets – Khanom Tom

The other week I was given some Khanom Tom by a friend.   Sadly that batch wasn’t very good and I had an almost instant dislike for it.  It was also the first time that I had tried Khanom Tom so I wasn’t really all that keen on a second try.  But from past experience I’ve found that you can’t always judge something on its first taste.   I also discovered that I have a generally good taste buds for detecting if something that hasn’t been cooked correctly.

Khanom Tom is a basically a sweet dumpling made from rice flour.  The dumpling dough is wrapped around a caramelized sugar and coconut mixture then boiled in water until cooked.  The Thai word Tom actually means to boil.   After cooking it’s rolled in fresh coconut.  Then generally eaten at room temperature.

Khanom Tom

Khanom tom

Nic regularly runs on a Sunday morning and over the past month or so after his run he has stopped by the Khanom vendor and picked up a sweet Thai treat for our breakfast.  So far we’ve only ever had good, delicious tasting sweets from him, so this past Sunday Nic told me to go have a look and see what else was in the khanom vendor’s basket of goodies.  Given the vendor generally stops right outisde our building just by the bottom of the BTS stairs, I didn’t have far to go.  I went down and saw that he had Khanom Tom so I thought I’d give them another go.

I am glad I did!  Unlike when I first ate them and they had tasted like burnt sugar, these ones were soft on the outside with a slight crunchy and chewy centre that tasted of caramel and coconut.  It was delicious.

Inside of Khanom tom

The delicious caramel like inside of Khanom tom.



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