Monday Madness – Dinosaur Frenzy in Khon Kaen

A few months back we took a trip to Esarn (North-East Thailand) to the city of Khon Kaen.   Khon Kaen is a reasonable size city about 7 hours from Bangkok (Morchit bus terminal) and is the central business and transport hub for the Esarn district.  But it has a small town feel and a clear North-East Thai vibe.

The thing I loved about Khon Kaen was the Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur statue Khon Kaen

Dinosaurs seemed to be everywhere, in the street, on traffic islands, in the parks and even as part of business names.

I can tell you I had some fun playing with the dinosaurs and I’m sure I looked a little crazy at the park.

I hadn’t done a lot of research before to going Khon Kaen so I wasn’t expecting dinosaurs.  Once I discovered the dinosaurs everywhere I did a little research and found that Khon Kaen province is famous for its dinosaur fossils that were found in Phu Wiang National Park.

It’s clear Khon Kaen city takes pride in its Dinosaur heritage, sadly though the National Park is actually 80 Kilometres out of the city so takes a bit more planning to visit.  There is a now a small museum dedicated to Dinosaurs in Tambon Nai Muang near the national park.  We didn’t get to visit the museum but we did visit an interesting temple in Khon Kaen called Wat Pho Ban Nontan which has murals carved and painted onto its walls, depicting what I imagine must be daily life of Thai people and dinosaurs roaming the forest. Wat Pho Ban Nontan is located near the lake on Thanon Pho Thisan.

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