Food Friday – Breakfast in Nong Khai

Sometimes I feel breakfast doesn’t get the attention it rightly deserve.   Whether traveling, working or spending a lazy day around home it can often feel like breakfast needs to be a quick affair so that we can get on with our day.    For us this means that we will usually have a simple breakfast in our apartment/hotel room and generally it is not anything special or typically Thai, but loaded with tropical fruit.

But sometimes we give ourselves a little bit more time, remembering that breakfast is a time of day where you can experience something new, something interest and something Thai.

A few months back we took an overnight bus from Bangkok to Nong Khai arriving a lot earlier than anticipated (5.30am).   Not having travelled in Thailand during the cool season before, we didn’t realise how cool it can actually be – on arriving in Nong Khai we saw people all rugged up in warm jackets, scarfs and woolly hats – sadly we hadn’t bought any warm clothing so we sat freezing at the bus station waiting for the town to wake up.

Having arrived so early and being so cold we decided walking to the guest house would warm us up a bit.   Quite close to the bus station is a fresh market – we wandered through in a round-about way of getting to the guesthouse (I didn’t realise it was actually the opposite direction but Nic didn’t seem to mind the detour).   It turned out to be a great detour because we came across a noodle soup stall right next to a coffee and tea cart – perfect timing for a great warming breakfast.

While in Nong Khai we regularly went out for breakfast mostly because we found a place that made delicious mini baguettes stuff with Thai style sausage – a great combination of spicy and sweet especially when drizzled with chilli sauce.  The same place also served a delicious Thai style omelet (minced pork, thai sausage and egg)  and yummy steamed buns.  In our previous travels a few years back we had been to the same restaurant and it was still just as good this time around.  It’s located on Thanon Meechai near the intersection of Thanon Hai Sok and it’s called Darika Bakery.   They also had standard western style breakfast food but I always went for the yummy mini baguettes.

These mornings going out to find breakfast has created distinctive memories for me – reasons I’ll look back on Nong Khai with a smile.


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