Food Friday – Thai candy floss with pancakes

There are still days in Thailand when I walk down the street and spot a Thai food that I haven’t yet tried. Sometimes I walk past and wonder wouldn’t that be interesting to try but  the portion size doesn’t really fit with just wanting a taste as you have to buy a whole big bag. This generally isn’t that big a deal but I really don’t like wasting food – it just feels wrong. I had seen this dish displayed on the streets near our apartment for quite a while but the amount you got made me hesitant to try.

But then Nic’s parents were visiting Thailand and we happened to see this dish being made on the back of a guys bicycle in Nong Khai – and I thought that since we had more people to test it out, it shouldn’t go to waste. I didn’t really know what it was prior to eating and managed to understand from the vendor that you wrap the colourful stringy bits in the thin pancakes. What we discovered was a sweet snack that was similar to candy floss but with a slight coarse texture and it tasted sweet but with a slight savory flavour.

It was a delicious sweet snack known in Thai as Roti Sai Mai.   I couldn’t eat heaps as it was a bit too sweet and it doesn’t last too long, as soon as it gets a bit of moisture on it it starts to dissolve (just like candy floss). It’s well worth a try but best to make sure you eat fast or share it with a group of friends.


2 thoughts on “Food Friday – Thai candy floss with pancakes

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