Monday Madness: Welcoming alien life forms

Thailand is generally known as a friendly place to visit, and judging by pamphlets at the immigration office, it looks like the country’s tourism drive drive extends even to extra-terrestrials.

Alien immigration rules

Although we haven’t seen any actual aliens around, ET would have an easy time finding an internet cafe to log onto skype.  And if the internet was down, he could always get married instead.

Strangely enough, there was a reporting earlier this year of an alien seen hanging out on one of the beaches in the south, captured in a photo by a local policeman, but when the photo went viral some were skeptical that the alien looked the same as one used in an ad for a smartphone app.

We’ll keep our eyes out and let you know if we come across any real-life aliens – setting aside the occasional drunken holidaymakers on the skytrain who sometimes come close!


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