Food Friday – Sweet sticky Banana Roti

Banana roti (known in Thai as Roti Gluay) is a favourite snack food of mine.   I think it has to be one of the best combinations of sweet condensed milk, slightly crunchy roti and creamy hot banana there can be. 


Golden sweet goodness - Banana Roti

The creation of roti is an art form and watching is half the fun in ordering this dish.   First the vendor takes a small bit of dough (a little smaller than a golf ball), massages it with margarine, and then spins and flings it around hitting the bench repeatedly until it forms a thin flat circle. The circle of dough is carefully placed on the hot plate with a little oil and more margarine.  The banana mixed with egg is placed in the middle before the roti puffs up too much, and then the vendor folds the roti over the banana mixture.  The square of roti and banana is then swished and flipped in the oil and margarine until it is crisp and golden. 


The final part of the preparation is for the roti to be chopped into bite sized squares and then drizzled with condensed milk.    The condensed milk starts to heat up and melt and you have this gooey, delicious snack.   I’m sure what makes this dish so delicious has to be some of that flair that goes into making it and without it just wouldn’t be the same. 


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