Monday Madness – the drink that makes you handsome (or Mansome)!

At our local 7-11 the other day I was looking for a new drink to try and this little bottle caught my eye.


A bottle of ManSome!

Now I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself in for but from the packaging I could tell I probably wasn’t the primary target market.  So I did feel a little funny walking up to the counter with my bottle of drink – thankfully the staff at the 7-11 were professional and didn’t give me any weird looks.  I was all prepared to say ‘it’s okay my husband’s just outside, it’s for him’.

As I can’t read Thai and the only english on the bottle was the name of the drink (Mansome) I could only make my own assumptions of what this drink was all about.   At first I thought the guy on the bottle is good looking, it must be a drink that meant to make men more handsome, a fun play on words maybe.  Then after thinking about it some more I thought maybe they are just trying to dumb down the communication and make it really easy for men to understand, so maybe it was more along the lines of ‘I man, drink some’.   

When I got home I did some further research and discovered my first assumption was right, it is a drink for men to improve their looks.   It is specially formulated with essential nutrients to help men revitalize their skin.   It contains not just Vitamin C and Zinc but also collagen.  

As you can see in this video advertising Mansome it must really work – the men looked over worked, tired and a little dirty but after drinking their Mansome “miracles” occur.

Jokes aside it is actually a really yummy drink.   It tastes like fruit juice, maybe strawberry flavour.  

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